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Decking Screws

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Decking Screws

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When building or repairing decks, it’s essential to use proper fasteners for the job. Using the correct screws and accessories helps to speed up the building process, while using the wrong type can lead to costly problems in the future. Fortunately, The Fastener Factory stock decking screws that are specifically designed for use on decks. Their stainless steel construction will resist corrosion and cope with the expansions and contractions that occur with decking boards, guaranteeing the very best performance.

Our Decking Screw Range

Our range of decking screws contains everything you need to secure decking boards, including both galvanised and stainless steel options. Choose from galvanised bugle batten, stainless steel square drive and steel joist screws to ensure your next decking job goes without a hitch. With an assortment of sizes available, you’re sure to find the right screw for the job.

We also stock a range of stainless steel balustrade wires and fittings to allow you to complete decking areas. Install an attractive looking perimeter that doesn’t interrupt the view, giving any decking a spacious and open feel while providing a safe barrier.

Buy your Decking Screws Online Now

Whether you’re building a new deck or repairing rotting decking boards, The Fastener Factory has everything you need to get the job done. Browse through our large range of decking screws and shop online now, or visit our Melbourne store. If you’re unsure which screw is right for your needs, our friendly team can advise you of a suitable option.