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Zinc Round Sleeve Anchors

Zinc Round Sleeve Anchors

Zinc Round Sleeve Anchors are used to anchor into hard and lightweight solid masonry materials inluding concrete, brick and blocks. These anchors are inserted into a hole drilled into concrete and once the head is turned, the working end of the anchor is pulled to expand and secure itself into the masonry. The zinc yellow coating is suitable for indoor applications and the round head enables the anchor to sit flush. Please see table below on for grip range, drill size and hole depth. 

Coating Zinc Yellow
Head Type Round Head
Drilling and Fixing Information for Sleeve Anchor - Round - Zinc Yellow
Size Drill Size (mm) Fasten Material (mm) Min. Hole Depth (mm)
6.5mm X 32 6.5 7 25
6.5mm X 50 6.5 20 30
6.5mm X 70 6.5 40 30
6.5mm X 95 6.5 65 30