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All Aluminium Rivets

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  1. AA6-03 All Aluminium Rivets 4.8mm X 9.5mm - 500pc
    Don't Pay $61.00
    Model: AA6-03
  2. AA6-04 All Aluminium Rivets 4.8mm X 11.1mm - 500pc
    Don't Pay $62.00
    Model: AA6-04
  3. AA6-06 All Aluminium Rivets 4.8mm X 14.3mm - 500pc
    Don't Pay $65.00
    Model: AA6-06
  4. AA6-08 All Aluminium Rivets 4.8mm X 17.5mm - 500pc
    Don't Pay $70.00
    Model: AA6-08
  5. AA6-10 All Aluminium Rivets 4.8mm X 20.7mm - 250pc
    Don't Pay $39.00
    Model: AA6-10
  6. AA6-12 All Aluminium Rivets 4.8mm X 23.8mm - 250pc
    Don't Pay $71.00
    Model: AA6-12
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All Aluminium Rivets

All Aluminium Rivets are often used in applications where only aluminium components can be used. All Aluminium Rivets are commonly used when joining soft materials such as plastic and thin aluminium. Please see below for drilling and fixing information.

Coating Aluminium with Aluminium Stem
Head Type Dome Head
Rivet Type Open Rivet

Drilling and Fixing Information for the All Alumium Rivet. (Aluminium Rivet with Aluminium Stem and Dome Head)

Size Drill Size (mm) Maximum Material Grip(mm)
3.2mm X 6.7 3.3mm 3.2mm
3.2mm X 8.2 3.3mm 4.8mm
3.2mm X 9.9 3.3mm 6.4mm
3.2mm X 11.4 3.3mm 8.0mm
3.2mm X 13.0 3.3mm 9.6mm
3.2mm X 16.2 3.3mm 12.8mm
3.2mm X 19.4 3.3mm 16.0mm
4.0mm X 7.3 4.1mm 3.2mm
4.0mm X 8.9 4.1mm 4.8mm
4.0mm X 10.5 4.1mm 6.4mm
4.0mm X 13.6 4.1mm 9.6mm
4.0mm X 16.8 4.1mm 12.8mm
4.0mm X 20.0 4.1mm 16.0mm
4.8mm X 8.0 4.9mm 3.2mm
4.8mm X 9.5 4.9mm 4.8mm
4.8mm X 11.1 4.9mm 6.4mm
4.8mm X 14.3 4.9mm 9.6mm
4.8mm X 17.5 4.9mm 12.8mm
4.8mm X 20.7 4.9mm 16.0mm
4.8mm X 23.8 4.9mm 19.2mm